Anndrea Hermann M.Sc, B.Gs, P.Ag

Principle, The Ridge International Cannabis Consulting (TRICC)

  • Owner/Founder The Ridge International Cannabis Consulting
  • Owner Hemp Technologies (Canada)
  • Independent Professional Agrologist and researcher
  • President Hemp Industries Association
  • Special Committee Member (Former VP, Science Officer and Interim Executive Director) the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance
  • Director Manitoba Organic Alliance
  • Board Advisor to Vote Hemp Inc. (USA)
  • Member of the European Industrial Hemp Association and the International Hemp Building Association
  • Authorized THC sampler and assists with a wide range of interdisciplinary Cannabis related projects
  • Selected as A Champion of the New Rural Economy in Manitoba, Canada, in 2011
  • Holds her Bachelors in Hemp Ecolonomics and Master in Hemp Agronomy